Engine - Ford 302 with C4 Transmission

Engine and tranny were cleaned and painted Ford blue instead of the Chevy orange the previous owner had done. While they were out the oil pump and transmission filter were replaced.

New engine and transmission mounts were done using new universal engine and transmission cross frame braces. Note the level on the carb plate to get it sitting straight.

An offset of 1/2" was made to the passenger side to clear the steering box  and for header clearance later. Also a Toyota power steering gear box will be added later and its a little larger.

A view of the engine mount brace from below. The suspension was cleaned with a drill wire brush and painted with Rustoleum black 'hammered finish'.

Transmission mount in place, note the 2" spacers needed to raise the tail for proper angle.

This is the direction I started down then decided am old school look fit the truck better than a racing look.

Double Holley 94s via Vintage Speed 2x2 adapter mated to Weiand Aluminum intake. Fuel lines will be rerouted to come up from behind the engine once I get the cab off, painted and remounted. Progressive linkage on the carbs and it fired right up again! Unfortunately no oil pressure after warm up even with 20W 50.

Side shot showing off my new Summit Armor Hot Coated tight fit headers. Notice the vintage Cal Custom polished aluminum valve covers too.

The 302 just didn't work out, could not maintain oil pressure, smoked and knocked too much. Compression was never better than 90 lbs in any cyllinder and oil pressure bottomed out once it got to operating temperature. So I replaced it with this rebuilt 351W longblock and $5 4bbl intake from Ebay. 50lbs oil pressure, no smoke and runs like a champ.