1950 Ford 8AB/8RT Flathead 239 cubic inch

My latest Craigslist buy on October 5th, 2008. A little rough :) but for $80 it will be fun to play with.

I believe its a truck motor based on the oil pan with the circular inspection plate and truck style Holley 94 carb. But the heads are EAB so they would be 52 or 53.

The block itself is date stamped April 8, 1950

I will probably save this for my next project a Model A hot rod and stick with the 351W I just bought for the truck.

Motor is amazingly complete and in decent shape given it sat outside for who knows how long. It is stuck so that will be the first challenge along with checking the block for cracks. The top of the engine looks whitewashed or blasted because I drove it home in an incredible rain/hail storm with sideways sheets of rain. I was just glad the clotheslines I had it tied down with held and it didn't join me in the cab of the truck.

Update: Motor is scrapped, could not get it unstuck and cylinders were cracked. Would have been very expensive to rebuild.