This is what my carpet looked like when received. Bought from Ebay for ~$125. It is vacuum formed for the 53-56 floor. Hard to see in this photo but there is a raised section that fits the same section in the truck floor, its between the insulated sections in phot below. You use this to locate the carpet in the truck. I then worked backwards from this to rear when trimming then frontwards to fit.

Backside view of the carpet. Note the insulated areas glued to the carpet.

This is what the cab looked like prior to carpet. I used the Mid Fifty insulation and sound deadening kit. Really made a HUGE difference in road noise. I highly recommend ths kit. Expensive but worth it, made it sound more like a modern vehicle than a 60+ year old farm truck.

Here you can see the raised hump between the insulation. Also I have already cutout for the raised metal area that runs between the seat frame ends. Used scissors for this cut it also helps to hold the carpet where you want it.

Only tools needed for fitting the carpet. Mine is not glued down. The seatbelt and seat bolts hold the carpet in place. I plan to add either velcro or double sided carpet tape to hold it in place at the firewall.

Closeup of where the center seatbelt mounts. I cut this out with the linoleum knife.

Closeup of the corner seatbelt mount on drivers side. I am using the original bench seat and have the Mid Fifty seat belts in place using the bolt in cab corner pieces for over the shoulder mount.

Closeup view of the drivers floor area. There are vertical cuts straight up from the floor shifter and steering column to allow it to fit. I cutout areas for the brake, gas pedal, dimmer and my floor mount horn button.

Another closeup of the shifter you can see the vertical cut to fit carpet over the top if you look close. Carpet was already secured in place from rear then fit forward.

Closeup of the passenger floor area, trimmed a little more than I wanted from the edges but it looks ok. I will use velcro or doubled sided tape to secure. I still have the under cab battery mount so need to be able to pull the carpet back to access battery tray.

All cut and fit.

Seat back in place and bolted down. Looks good and saved myself ~$700. Will add polish rocker covers that will hide the carpet edge at the door. Entire job was 3 hours start to finish by myself. Only had help getting the seat in and out.