Down and Center Front Springs

July 14th 2013. This is the starting stance with stock springs all the way around. The front springs were very worn out however and almost bowed backwards. The ride was very rough and squeeky.

The ride height was 28.5 inches on the old springs. Note the wheel is not centered in the wheel opening. The new springs will move it forward about 1.5 inches to center in properly. This requires an extended drag link to be installed this was all purchased from Mid Fifty.

Note the original spring is actually arched upside down it is so worn out.

The new springs, note the offset to center the wheel in the fender opening. These springs have a reverse eye from the stock springs.

The new ride height is 27 inches, lowered 1.5 inches. These springs should lower 3 inches but my previous springs where so worn it only dropped it another 1.5 inches. Plenty low for me though.

Note the wheels are now centered in the fender opening.

The new stance, still have to install the reverse eyed lowering springs in the back, ran out of time today.

The original spring bottom leaf was actually broken off when I removed it. Definately needed theses new springs.