Power Steering

July 12, 2013 Henry gets power steering. Quick shot of the original stock gear box to show how roomy it is.

About to get torn apart for progress.

Contents of the Classic Performance Products Power Steering Kit. Missing in this shot is the mounting bolts and spacers for the gearbox. The rag joint is pretty universal with a DD side which fits most aftermarket steering columns. I modified it to fit my stock steering column with some help from the excellent CPP technical call in service.

This is a shot of the old pitman arm and gearbox sector gear for comparison purposes. Really need to clamp that fuel line to the frame better.

Shot showing the original mounting height of the stock steering setup. I intend to lower this about 1 inch with the new setup.

View inside the cab of the old box and steering column mounted.

Comparison shot of the old steering box and pitman arm compared to the new CPP gear box and pitman arm. The CPP pitman arm is a new forged piece.

I used a bottle jack to lift the CPP gear box before tightening it down to center the sector shaft so it doesnít rub on the frame. Also make sure you mount the bolt head side on the outside of the frame so the pitman arm can clear them easier. On the inside frame goes a spacer on each bolt then the gearbox and washer and nuts outside that.

This is just showing the new gear box mounted. Note plenty of clearance for the headers. I think I mounted the engine 1 inch off center though and these are block hugger headers.

Another shot of the new gear box mounted looking down from inside the cab. I like that it has the same mounting angle for my stock column.

The CPP technician I spoke with was very knowledgable. I told him the rag joint end was too long for my application and they must have sent me the wrong part. He explained it was universal and I should modify it by cutting it and mounting the original shaft which is round inside this by cutting off the DD joint end. He even remarked I had that horn button wire that ran thru the center of the steering shaft. This will not be the final cut just testing his instructions here. All cuts were doen with a hand hacksaw and bench vice.

You have to cut the steering shaft from the original gearbox if you are reusing it as I am. There is plenty of length but I cut it 2 inches from the end for my first cut.

Here is the finished original steering shaft to rag joint. Total length was 35.5 inches and I drilled a hole thru to hold the shafts together. I will weld this later when I take the truck apart for paint but I was out of welding gas today.

Steering column reinstalled, same angle and mounting hardware I started with. Lowered about 1 inch though so I donít feel like I am leaning on the steering wheel as much. I have the stock seat also just reupholstered.

With the hoses attached. Filled the pump and no leaks! Started the project at 10AM and by 7PM I was out for a drive making fingertip turns at LOW speeds! This was with a lunch break, trip to Lowes for bolts to mount the power steering pump and 2 trips to OíReillys to get the correct length vbelt for the power steering pump.

Closeup view of the mounted steering column.

This is the power steering pump I used. Bought it off ebay a few years ago and it sat on the shelf waiting for this day. I has happy to see the CPP hose mounted to the back with no problems. This is a Ford unit probably lates 70s early 80s off a SBF.

Showing the pump and hoses mounted.

Closeup showing the new gearbox with hoses and steering column mounted.